Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


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Morsy & Amber Skyes – Pride (StoneBridge & Damien Hall Mix) NEW YORK ( – StoneBridge and Damien Hall are one of the world’s most successful remix teams. The duo remixed Morsy & Amber Skyes – “Pride”, a cover version of the house classic “A Deeper Love” of Clivillés + Cole ft. Deborah Cooper. The music video is available […]

Hottest Stars to Follow on Instagram NEW YORK/IBIZA ( – Kim Kardashian made an absurd amount of money off of her Instagram posts. It seems like nearly everyone has an Instagram account,  including celebrities as well, and our favorite stars. This takes into account both the quality and hotness of these stars on Instagram, and […]

Nicki Minaj – “Bed” (feat. Ariana Grande) Nicki Minaj has released the video with Ariana Grande,  for the song “Bed” from Nicki’s upcoming album Queen. The video features Nicki as a mermaid basking in a lush, tropical setting, with Ariana Grande sitting beachside for a few brief shots. Minaj was subsequently featured on Grande’s promotional […]

Migos are drug kingpins in new “Narcos” video Migos are back with a new music video for “Narcos”.  The video clip was directed by Quavo and finds Migos following in the footsteps of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Breaking the biggest stories in entertainment news. Get the latest stories, photos, and videos at Rich Interview we did w/ @RichFMXibiza just […]

Interview with Michael Warner What once seemed scary and unattainable years ago is now closer than ever before. The book “Work Hard Playlist Hard” teaches artists at any level how to grow their audience on streaming services through profile enhancement, data analysis, automation and creating value as a curator. In the e-book “Work Hard Playlist […]

StoneBridge Drops Sensational New Remix of Stevo – Encore [Frenchie Rude] Over the past few months there has been a buzz going around the electronic dance music industry regarding the StoneBridge Mix of “Encore [Frenchie Rude]” by Stevo. The renowned Area 51 Records label released something that roams in the heavier funky house territories, as […]

Interview with Stevo So here we are, sitting, waiting for one of the most mysterious electronic dance music producers; a producer/DJ who has been known in the dance scene since the 1980´s someone that we saw with thousands of other electronic dance music enthusiasts in Ibiza many years back. We feel calm as we wait, […]

Tiandra Miles Turns Hollywood Upside Down! HOLLYWOOD ( – Talented young actresses rise to the top of the competitive movie world of Hollywood. Some of these fresh faces will land top roles, turn top movie projects into box office hits, and even go on to garner award nominations. Let’s take a look at one of […]

Interview with the FPIA, aka Fake Producers Intelligence Agency Setting up an interview with someone who won’t share his location or identity poses its challenges. After exchanging countless direct messages on Twitter, Rich FMX was face to mask with the mastermind of the FPIA. The Twitter account and infamous whistle blower @TheFPIA, aka Fake Producers […]

Interview with Kurt Seidnitzer, Atticus Indepandance/Area 51 record label executive. Kurt Seidnitzer, is a former Sanctuary Records music executive.  Until June 2007, Sanctuary Records was the largest independent record label in the UK and the largest independent music management company in the world. It was also the world’s largest independent owners of music intellectual property rights, with over […]