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Global Superstar DJ StoneBridge Drops High-Energy Remix of Mama India

Written by on October 10, 2022

Global Superstar DJ StoneBridge Drops High-Energy Remix of Mama India

NEW YORK ( – Stevo will release his new single, a StoneBridge remix of ‘Mama India‘, the track will be available to stream/download worldwide, as the Swedish Grammy Award nominated Artist, Producer & DJ StoneBridge continues to bridge music together with hit after hit at his recording studio in Stockholm! Fresh off the success of his latest record-breaking hit single ‘So Good‘, StoneBridge announced an explosive new remix of ‘Mama India‘, one of the tracks that shaped dance music. ‘Mama India’, one of most iconic techno tracks ever made, written by Stevo aka Rain Man and DJ Delani, is receiving a new StoneBridge house mix that is set to transcend musical boundaries.

The Swedish producer, remixer, and DJ StoneBridge has crafted chart-topping hits and remixes for artists like Madonna, Robin S, Sia, Texas, Missy Elliott, Taio Cruz & Ne-Yo. On working with the music genius StoneBridge for the new version, of ‘Mama India [Reloaded]‘ the both artists said: “The StoneBridge remix really took ‘Mama India‘ to the next level. We feel like the sound has been taken up a notch with the energetic beats and the overall anthemic Ibiza vibe. It’s been really very special to see ‘Mama India‘ take on a whole new life! ”

“We wanted to make beats that sounded like cosmic music with techno… we started with tablas on the Ensoniq EPS sampler and suddenly there was a Mama India,” Stevo said, recalling how he came up with the DJ Delani-featuring track.” The uplifting house that is StoneBridge’s remix of ‘Mama India‘ is not only a complete masterpiece but can be seen as one of the truly house tracks. Swedish Superstar DJ StoneBridge has earned a reputation as a master producer and remixer who delivers fantastic results, and he expressed his admiration for the track as he said, “It’s been an honor to remix and re-imagine ‘Mama India‘, into something fresh and exciting.”

Years before DJs would put EDM on the map, Stevo released ‘Mama India‘, an techno track that fused oriental sounds with techno. Introducing the world to the divisive genre orient techno house, ‘Mama India‘ had a big impact on the underground scene, and is arguably the most mysterious techno orient house crossover track ever to reach the public consciousness, with its walls of orient synths and techno underground sounds.

The track brought also trance to the dancefloors, as the descriptive use of the “trance elements” in ‘Mama India‘ is notable in this context, since the trance music genre was at this time unestablished. Stevo set a precedent for what would soundtrack the 90s, as clubbers across Europe were looking for something new, and that came in the orient techno house sounds of ‘Mama India‘, which blended techno with trance sounds.

‘Mama India‘ not only proved that electronic music could go beyond the underground, but the track has gone through several incarnations too, initially released in its techno/trance form, it was produced together with Klaus Munzert, one of the top music producers in Germany. Klaus Munzert aka Wildmax has produced many chart-relevant and multiple award-winning hits.


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