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StoneBridge Drops Sensational New Remix of Stevo – Encore [Frenchie Rude]

Written by on October 5, 2022

StoneBridge Drops Sensational New Remix of Stevo – Encore [Frenchie Rude]

Over the past few months there has been a buzz going around the electronic dance music industry regarding the StoneBridge Mix of “Encore [Frenchie Rude]” by Stevo.

The renowned Area 51 Records label released something that roams in the heavier funky house territories, as there are tracks that divide electronic dance music history into Before and After. Some are incontestable: “Go,” “Music Sounds Better With You,” “Da Funk” etc. Sometimes a track splits funky house time in half without that many DJs noticing its revolutionary implications (See Snap! “The Power”), the impact fully emerging only years later. Other times, the effect is immediate. One such electronic dance music altering track that feels like a real-time electronic dance music future-shock is the StoneBridge Mix of “Encore [Frenchie Rude].”

We doubt if there are many more house producers that understand the current needs of house lovers more than StoneBridge. Being at the top of his game, his funky Remix of ”Encore [Frenchie Rude]” is another one of his masterpieces.

The Swedish DJ Superstar StoneBridge has been shaping electronic dance music for more of a quarter of a century. StoneBridge is a DJ legend in his own right and one of the most revered producers, and remixers. He defined funky house and has worked with everyone from Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ne-Yo to Madonna and many others. StoneBridge garnered a Grammy Award nomination for his remix of “Closer”, and received a BMI Songwriter of the year award for his contribution to Jason Derulo “Don’t Wanna Go Home.” StoneBridge is also a resident at Sirius XM/BPM with his show StoneBridge #bpmMix every Saturday 10pm (PST) over North America. He also mixes his weekly The StoneBridge Show podcast. Besides running his two record labels Stoney Boy Music and Dirty Harry Records, StoneBridge tours worldwide as a DJ with recent shows in Las Vegas, Detroit, New York, Sydney, Jakarta, Chicago, Stockholm and Dubai.

Released almost 3 years ago on the “Ibiza Summer 2015” Compilation (together with Madonna, StoneBridge, EDX, Damien Hall and many other top artists), in early July 2015, “Encore [Frenchie Rude]” by Stevo was a Ibiza smash at that time, but its impact reached far beyond the Ibiza club scene in which Stevo is already well established. Future house lovers and DJs admired and appropriated its innovative sound. If any one track can be pinpointed as where the future began, it’s “Encore [Frenchie Rude]” by Stevo –  it´s a funky piece of electronic dance music that attracts crowds in the more funkier clubs, says Michael Murica, aka the Funky Swede.

Stonebridge’s remix of “Encore [Frenchie Rude]” is trademarked by his unique funky house sound, as he rearranges things around and takes the track intro a different sphere of electronic music. A fast groove, haunting French vocals, a huge bass line, powerful deep chords, all while staying true to the original characterize this StoneBridge Mix. The deep synth chord that is introduced during the first break runs solid midway the track, after which he increases the speed and energy of “Encore [Frenchie Rude].”

This solid StoneBridge remix of “Encore [Frenchie Rude]” makes it suitable for a variety of DJs ranging from deep to funky to tech house heads. The remix premiered on the 25th of November 2017 at Dave202’s weekly radio show, receiving lots of positive feedback.

“Encore [Frenchie Rude] (StoneBridge Mix)” is available in over 250 digital stores worldwide.

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