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Interview with Dave 202

Written by on October 5, 2022

Interview with Dave 202

Fresh off of performances across three cities, Dave202, sat down with Rich FMX Internet Radio to talk about his iDJINN Store Number 1 track “Brainchild” and new releases. The Swiss DJ star also expressed his surprise at the level of energy among the Ibiza audience, which he found vastly different from his normal relaxed European crowd. “Ibiza fans really appreciate my music and are open to new elements” he shared.

Talking about his music, Dave 202 is evolving his progressive house sound as well as transferring his talents into experimental sounds that go beyond club settings. His latest track, “Eternia“,  is one of many more new tracks to come that will explore this evolution.


We want to congratulate you on your iDJINN Store Number 1 track “Brainchild”,
can you tell us a little bit more about the creation process of this track?

Dave202: The original track was one of my favourites from the early 90s,
and I had the honour to make an official new version.

How did you start DJing and producing?

Dave202: I started DJing from very early on in my local youth center.
Producing came some years later.
Right know I am producing together with a great team.

Do you remember the first dance record you have ever bought?

Dave202: It was an Acid House record back in 1989, but unfortunately I don’t remember the name.

Do you still listen to these tracks nowadays?

Dave202: Sure, sometimes I go back to my roots.

So what drew you to trance?

Dave202:  My style went trough a very natural evolution from Acid House, to Hardcore, to Trance,
and now to Electronic Music. I am always trying to develop my style.

What would be your dream line-up?

Dave202: Very good question! I would go with Tiesto, Paul Kalkbrenner, Armin Van Buuren, and EDX. A little bit of everything.

What´s the funniest thing that´s happened to you in a club?

Dave202: I don’t remember 😉

What would you be doing if you weren´t a DJ and successful remixer/producer?

Dave202: I worked in a bakery before, and it was a great job. So I might be doing this right now.

If you can tell, what is the biggest difference between playing at a trance only festival as compared to a conventional festival?

Dave202: At a trance festival, you always have great crowds, and they know all the tracks.
At a conventional festival, I can be a little bit more flexible and switch between different styles.

If you could name one artist to look out for in 2018, an upcoming artist, who would it be?

Dave202: Cantaffa or Barkley. Both are amazing upcoming artists.

You’ve achieved a lot of stuff in your career but you definitely need something there to motivate you, is there a big goal that you are still striving for?

Dave202: What motivates me is simply my passion for Music.

Is this the advice you would also give to an up-coming producer?

Dave202: Absolutely. Have passion in music, find your own style and character and try to always go a step forward.

Last question, what are you looking forward the most to besides music in 2018?

Dave202: That winter is finally over in Switzerland. I can’t wait for the Summer 😉

Update: July 2018

Swiss top DJ Dave202 is back again with a groundbreaking tune! Marking another evolution in his style, the atmospheric break will give you shivers from head to toe, while the triplet drop of VENOM will sting you like a snake bite.

Dave202 – Venom [S2 Records – S2R228]


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  1. Geovane M SilVa   On   July 5, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    Sempre qnd ouço parece que foi ontem que escutei pela primeira vez. É sempre a música que quero ouvir kk

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