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Interview with the FPIA

Written by on October 1, 2022

Interview with the FPIA, aka Fake Producers Intelligence Agency

Setting up an interview with someone who won’t share his location or identity poses its challenges. After exchanging countless direct messages on Twitter, Rich FMX was face to mask with the mastermind of the FPIA. The Twitter account and infamous whistle blower @TheFPIA, aka Fake Producers Intelligence Agency, which is devoted to debunking producers who use ghosts or steal from.

Known for their approach through Twitter, the FPIA has attacked and exposed everyone from Newbie to EDM Superstar. While the FPIA is decentralized, members connect through Twitter to plan various online attacks on ghost producers. A ghost producer is a music producer that produces and composes music for other artists. It´s EDM´s most controversial topic, and one of most consistent, longstanding controversies, too: thanks to the DJ Top 100 debate, Rich FMX spoke with the mastermind of the FPIA about why he believes exposing ghost producers and bringing us the truth is the new form of protesting.

While he wouldn’t share personal details, Rich FMX communicated with him during prior discussions through his Twitter account and verified that he is the mastermind of the FPIA.


You have recently been awarded as Twitter’s best EDM account. How does it feel to win this accolade?

The FPIA: Feels amazing to be awarded twitters best EDM account. There are many edm accounts on twitter and to think that we have stood out the most among them is really an honor.

You founded the FPIA, what drew you towards ghost producers?

The FPIA: I was drawn to exposing the ghost producers initially because i was a fan of some of the djs ive called out. I was devastated to find out some of the tracks they made that i loved and tracks that got me through some rough times in my life were not even tracks that they made, they had bought them from another producer. It blew my mind that they could do that and pass the track off as their own work when in fact it was the work of someone else.

Is there any initiation or test or anything to become a FPIA member?

The FPIA: You know there really isn’t any process or anything to become part of FPIA. Really if you think about it, were all FPIA if were out there spreading awareness and educating new fans of the truth of the dance music scene. Initially my team started out with 3 of us and it grew to 5 and now theres more than that. We have many people around the world in different capacities of the industry who are just listening and gathering info for the team to discuss and see if these issues are worth exposing

Why do you expose ghost producers?

The FPIA: In the beginning we exposed ghost producers and the fake artists in hopes that people seeing the truth would move them to not support those fakes and to focus their attention onto real producers who are putting the time into the studio and actually making their own music.

DJs suspected of using ghost producers are described as “frauds”, “talentless” or ‘circus clowns’. Do you agree? Do you think it’s wrong if someone puts a name on a track they had nothing to do with?

The FPIA: I agree with all those terms for people who do not make thier own music. I think its very wrong for someone to just slap their name on the track if they actually had no part in the creation process. Makes it worse when you know that when someone is just slapping their name on a track its really exploiting the other producers talents for their own gain. Usually the name slapped on a tracks comes with an exchange or a promise of giving the other collaborator “Exposure” or support of music in their sets etc.

Who has ghost producers and who actually makes their music?

The FPIA: The list of who’s real and who is fake is always controversial. People want proof and won’t believe these top 100 djs are faking it without that proof. Back when we started the account your major artists like steve axxx and DxxxS to name a few were buying ghost productions. But since we’ve grown and have gotten support from the industry and fellow fans in the community, many of those frauds have since found a loop hole. They are now just offering the ghost producers “co credit” or writing credit, thus eliminating the “ghost producer” title and now, these frauds are able to say , honestly, they are using coproducers.

Are they ‘cheating the listeners’?

The FPIA: Are they cheating listeners, hell yea they are. But most listeners have no idea so it really has no affect on the average listener. But for those who know, yea its definitely cheating.

What was the response from within the EDM community after you started the FPIA?

The FPIA: The initial response was negative, i was seen as a hater and just being salty. But as we came out with proof we were able to show people that we were not just saying things to be hateful we were not going on attacks because we were salty. We were simply shedding light on the darkness this industry is. We soon grew and gained the support of the industry and now we’ve become a small part of this industry and feel like we’ve gained much credibility.

At this point the interview was interrupted, since then no contact with the FPIA was possible anymore.


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