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Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness PARODY

Written by on June 9, 2019

Date: 2019-06-08 03:20:48


Let’s parody Selena Gomez’s KILL EM WITH KINDNESS into a (comments raps and parodies) using your comments from the last music video.
▶ Chad Wild Clay Marathon –

Thank you Selena for creating such a fun song and music video. I hope you like my parody!

Watch the original Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness (Official Music Video):

Get ‘Kill Em With Kindness,’ out now:
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I’m Chad Wild Clay and I love roasting YouTubers, rapping diss tracks, YouTuber impressions, YouTuber parodies, and singing parody songs. Chad with me here:

oh why did Elsa drop her book?
because she, let it go, yeah
There’s a mirror take a look
it always gives me a good laugh

so ugly that blind kids
cry when your by them
My favorite joke
it is my life yes
your mom so unsightly
Adele sang goodbye she
crossed the street, sang hello, from the other side

I hug the people I hate so I know how big to dig the hole in my backyard

What is a librarians favorite berry?
A liberry!

I was gonna say a sodium joke but…

And when is the best time
for dentist to cry
every day at tooth hurty it’s fine
six scared of seven
cuz seven ate nine
what’s the time?

Your hair’s a mullet
your life’s a pun
package in the mail it
it was deez nut
but no vampire is ever biting
cuz Taylor Swfit’s bad bloods inside

My dogs name is miles
everyday walk miles
brushing my teeth, it makes me smile
Jacksepticeye or
that Markiplier
Pewdiepie, Matt and Amanda

If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were stranded on an island with nothing, who would survive?

What does Donald Trump tell Barack Obama supporters?
Orange Is The New Black.

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Broken pencil
Broken pencil who?
Never mind it’s pointless

What does a hay horse eat. scrolling scrolling…
hay, oh I get it….HaYYYY!

if an astronaut
had stepped in gum
he’d be stuck in Orbit
Now hit that drum

I scare my sister, cuz I’m hiding
She’ll never find me

Vy’s videos make me laugh!
LOL, cool!
No Vy, she’s laughing AT you

My wife told me to stop being immature.
So I told her to get out of my fort.

What makes me laugh? Every C.R.A.P
You laugh while going to the bathroom? That’s weird Kat

Bill Gates Farted in an Apple store and it stank up the whole place but it’s Apple’s fault for not having Windows.

I still remember what my grandpa said before he kicked the bucket.
He said “hey watch me kick this bucket.”

Why can you eat donuts in church??!!?
Because the are holy.

All music performed, recorded and produced by Chad Wild Clay (B.B. Bling). No copyrighted material was used. This version is all newly created music, lyrics and video.

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