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Otilia – Adelante (Y3MR$ Remix)

Written by on September 2, 2021

Date: 2021-08-28 23:12:12


Otilia new english spanish raggeton songs deep house dance music best boosted remixes car 2020: Bilionera billionaire Adelante otila remix song Diamante Aventura evocion latina I dont know Balim, Wine my body, Otilia turkish albumOtilia – Adelante (Y3MR$ Remix)
This it’s an online video, with hired model girls. In this model music video you don’t see the real Otilia. If you want to watch videos with Otilia, search for official videos here on the channel “Jhaps Records”. Thank you for watching! The official videos are for Bilionera, Prisionera, Aventura, Diamante, Latina, Adelante, Devocion, I dont know, Passion, Balim, On fire. Watch and enjoy!

BOOKING & Licensing: +40741067203, [email protected]
Manager: Ionut Bejinariu (C) JHaps Records

Otilia online:

Biography Otilia

Otilia made herself known with the hit-single “Bilionera”, her songs are totaling over 1 billion views on YouTube, while also being very successful in Europe and Asia. She has won prizes in America (New York), Germany, Lebanon and Cyprus as the most famous artist in the Balkans. Collaborations with with Shaggy, Lary Over (collaborated with J Balvin, Anitta, Bad Bunny, Faruko) & Serdar Ortaq (no. 1 in Turkey).

In different countries people are writing wrong as olita otella otilia bruma ottilia otella atila othello bili otılıa bılıonera olivia otilio otalia bilyoner otelia atilia ottilia billionaire otalia otılıa dembaga otila billionaire or otilia bruma . The only one correct it’s Otilia and her hit Bilionera, Aventura, Prisionera, adelante, Diamante, Latina, I don’t know, Balim with Serdar Ortaq, tres amores, Passion with Costi Shaggy Andrea from Bulgaria also Devocion with special guest Sinan Akcil.
Lyrics Otilia Adelante
Estoy tranquila caminando gozadera
Y son las chicas de la arena y cosa buena
Y si te digo que esta noche soy tu amante
Adelante, va pa’lante
Esta es mi niña caminante gozadera
Esta es mi niña en la cima de la arena
Y si te digo que esta noche soy tu amante
Adelante, asaltante
Yo quiero tus manos, yo quiero tu risa
Yo quiero, tú quieres, tú quieres, bonita
Tú quieres mi señal
Es una senda de cadera, siente mi cadera
Yo quiero mi barco, tú quieres olas
Yo quiero mis chicas, yo quiero a mis olas
Tú quieres mi seña
Tú quieres esta mi cadera
Siente mi cadera
Siente esa mar, está pasional
Es pasional y te va a gustar
Es pasional y te voy amar
Yo tengo mi precio, es puro intereso
chorus x2
Ahí detrás, si quiere tu corazón
Yo quiero de tu alma, chico
Es a donde, donde la robó
En el mar, mar, mar

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